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Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths

Being an introvert is not a negative trait, it's an asset. One of the greatest strength you possess. Get to know the personality traits, myths and strengths

Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths

Being an Introvert feels like we are apart from society, the simple reason being not socializing and being lost in our own world. Not interacting with society, sometimes being categorized as mentally unstable or something else which makes us feel unhappy or depressed. In this, I will be discussing about Introverts, their Personality Traits, Myths, and Powers. 

As an introvert, it's not always easy to understand how amazing you are, and the world feels like a place that awards extroverts. One who speaks less is easy to be left out and I faced this situation several times.

You might have heard from your family and friends to mingle with the society, go and talk to other people, open your mouth and speak, if you won't interact you won't reach anywhere in your life, to be successful don't be shy, don't be a reticent person. These are the most common words/sentences that you mostly hear from your friends and families and are used to it.

So, Introverts are really apart from society? They don't socialize?  Don't interact? Do they face failures in life?

Let's know what is the actual definition, its personality traits, misconceptions, and strengths. 


An Introverted person is shy, reserved, quiet, and calm personality and not depressed, mentally unstable, or unhappy. When they are categorized as someone who they are not, that's what makes them unhappy and depressed. They are completely opposite of Extroverts and Ambivert is the one who balances the characteristics of both the personalities.

Both of the personalities brains are cabled differently and it handles the release of dopamine(hormone) differently which affects the characteristics of both these personalities.

Do you think you are an Introvert? 

Not sure? OK! Let's get into discuss a few personality traits/signs.


Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths

Get Discharged When Being Around a Lot of People 

It's not like you don't like to party or mingle with others or attend a gathering, but after a certain period, you start losing your energy and need to spend some time alone by yourself away from everyone to get back your energy. 

The scientific reason behind this is the release of two hormones Dopamine and Acetylcholine. Dopamine is like energy hit when we do things that excite or when we take risks, extroverts feel great in this situation whereas introverts are sensitive to dopamine and react opposite of what extroverts do. 

When the brain releases Acetylcholine, introverts feel great to get lost in their own world or engaging in self-talk while extroverts react the opposite way and hate it.

Engage in Self Talk

Instead of talking to another person or sharing your thoughts and feelings, you prefer to talk to yourself and find peace and gain energy. You feel relieved, relaxed, and fresh when you involve yourself in self talk and get away from the busy world to a silent place.

Best Ideas Come When Alone

Generating the best ideas when you think alone, instead of thinking and generating ideas within a group. You get more innovative and creative and generate plenty of new ideas when being alone, improves focus and no pressure or any sort of tension, being in a group you feel stressed and overloaded and not able to focus.

Doesn't Involve Yourself in Small Talks 

You are not the kind of person who can start talking anywhere on any random topic, you rather prefer to not involve yourself in such small talks. If you are involved in a talk you listen patiently and make your words matter.

Don't Crave for Attention 

Instead of doing stuff to get other's attention, you rather focus on doing stuff for getting it done and not to show it off. Attention will matter to you when you complete the task/stuff and not to show off before.

Good Listener 

Anyone would have hardly told you that you are a good listener, but the reality is that you are a pretty good listener. Even though others may think that you are lost somewhere and not listening, but your ears are active and listen to the entire conversation. 

Great Observer 

You love to observe and watch your surroundings and people around you. This is one of the best qualities of introverts, they are natural observers.



Most people hate the characteristics that introverts possess, the quite, inhibited and reserved nature is not liked by many people and that's one of the main reasons you are said to be harsh. But the reality is that you aren't harsh.

Want to be Left Alone 

That's partially correct, you do love to spend time alone, get lost in your own thoughts, and feel relaxed when you spend time away from society. 

But it doesn't mean that they don't want to interact and indulge with the society, they too love to socialize and interact but after a certain period, they start to lose their energy. To get themselves charged they get away from the crowd.

They are Weird

Because of your personality traits as discussed in 1st point, you are stereotyped to be weird. Your views are a bit different from the crowd, neither you prefer to follow the crowd. 

No Friends 

They are choosy and careful when making a friend, they value their few friends and are loyal for a lifetime. Once you earn the respect and value of an introvert you are lucky enough to have him/her as your friend.

Not Good Leaders and Unsuccessful

The greatest myth about introverts is that they are not successful and not good at leadership because they are of shy and reserved nature and don't interact more often.

In research, it was found that most of the top executives in the world have been categorized as introverts. Because of good observation and listening skills, they are said to possess great leadership skills. Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela were the same personalities who came to be the best leaders in the world.

After going through who actually introverts are and what are the misconceptions related to that, lets us move on to know the strengths/powers.


Great Thinkers 

Not socializing and being alone doesn't prove that you cannot think, you take your own time to think because of which you are able to find better solutions to your problems and take better and rational decisions.
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths


You are good at doing preparations whether it be completing a task or handling a project. This strength helps them to be mentally prepared to face any sort of situation and enables them to say the right word at right time. You complete your task/work effectively and efficiently.
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths

Good Listeners

Since you tend to speak less you are a great listener, not only listening but also give a lot of importance to the gestures, emotions, expressions etc. Your listening strength gives you the ability to react to others accordingly.
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths


Since you are less keen and interested to express yourself and the things going in your mind to others you write them down, which makes you great writers. By writing you can express yourself freely without being interrupted or being afraid of what others will think. Writing also helps you to find solutions and ideas which you cannot find while speaking.
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths


Not focusing to work on or grab everything that comes to you, one of the great strengths you got is that you know how to prioritize your work and the stuff in your life. Not only work but everything, the reason you have only a few friends is that you are realistic about which things you can handle and the things you cannot.
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths


Most of you might not be aware of this, but you tend to be a role model for others. Although your traits might be hated, instead your quietness, strengths, way of approach, how you tackle situation, gentle nature etc  makes you a role model in their eyes.


Most people may get distracted while handling a task or completing work, but when it comes to focusing no one can beat you. Your focusing ability is great, whether it be work or knowing people. It helps to tackle critical situations and efficiently organize them .
Being An Introvert | Personality Traits, Myths and Strengths


Yes, it is good, society will say you it's bad to be an Introvert, change yourself and be an Extrovert if you want to move ahead in life. But let me tell you, the personality you possess in one of your greatest strengths and you are well aware of how to get the best out of your ability.

Extroverts and others may be ahead of you, don't try to chase and get ahead of others rather focus on running your own race and improving yourself, at the right time you'll get ahead. Trying to get ahead of others, will eventually result in losing your own race. 


So most of you might have changed your perspective now, being  an Introvert is not to be taken negatively or think that you are apart from society. 

It has both positive and negative aspects, your point of view on life matters, focusing on the positive side will let you make your life worthwhile and fulfilling. On the other hand, focusing on the negative aspects will make you carry unnecessary burdens of life.

You are one of a kind and you have discovered your own strategies to find comfort and be at peace in a chaotic world. You have got your unique attributes which really are your deep quiet strengths.

What is your experience as an Introvert? Did you realize your strengths and Powers? Let me know about your experiences!

Leon George

Author & Editor

Leon George is the founder of The FinerVersion, a Content Writer and a Blogger.


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