"It's been rightly said that self-confidence is a crucial factor in everything that you accomplish because without an appropriate amount you will end up trying anything."


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Let me give a quick intro

Myself Leon George a content writer and a passionate blogger, by qualification a graduate in Bachelors in Business Administration.

A Brief Intro of this blog

In this 21st century, when technology is reaching new heights and we hear everyday that some or the other technology are being developed, with this the competition is becoming tough but also an ample number of opportunities are also being created. 

Everyday we counter several opportunities and most of the opportunities are right in front of us still, most of us don't take the advantage and the reason behind it is we 'ourself '. 

Most of us have our own reasons because of which we fail in grabbing opportunities, we all face  various kinds of distractions and problems in our life, but the best way to overcome these is to improve and develop ourself than yesterday. 

Some of us lack self-confidence and most of us want to do something but are not willing or scared to take the first step thinking what others will think.


Leon George

So basically the journey goes like this, my blogging journey began from content writing. Back in March 2018, while I was surfing through the internet I stumbled upon an article about ‘Content Writing’, stating how anyone can be a content writer and earn while working from home. 

I researched a couple of websites and applied in a few of them for the post of a content writer, but there was no response from any of those companies I applied
2 months later I received an offer as an intern(work from home) from a Real Estate company and after the qualifying process, I got selected. After a month I started applying for other internships and got selected for one more company. 

My earnings from both the companies were enough to carry out my expenses, almost after 1 month's internship I started receiving constant e-mails and calls. 

Don't be mistaken the emails and calls were not for new internships/jobs rather these were the deadline and new project mails from the second company.

The reason for the mails was, I was not able to meet the deadlines and within  a couple of days, I received the termination letter from the company. It was a disappointing situation for me but still, I kept applying for internships, but no response I received. 

Soon I understood that the reason for my termination was not the difficulty of the task, rather the reason was me itself. Instead of doing the task I used to procrastinate, lacked focus, and was not consistent. 

So instead of progressing with the same attitude, I looked at what were the flaws that retracted me from grabbing those opportunities and tried overcoming them.

That termination was an important aspect of my career progression because of that I never let the same situation happen with my other internships.

It's been about 2 years since I joined my first company as an intern and to date, I've been working with that company. In the past 2 years not only I learned about writing quality and genuine articles and my procrastination problem, but also about various online incomes, website development, time management, blogging etc.

To date, I have written a bunch of articles on several topics and worked with various companies, have a couple of passive income streams which was only possible when I focused on my self-development and tried to become a better version of myself than yesterday. 

Content Writing is not easy though it may sound easy, I thought the same way that I could earn by simply writing or even forwarding plagiarized content. It only took me an hour to simply copy and forward, but it only ended up taking away my opportunities, the only option was to get up and try one more time. 

I researched and understood how to write genuine and effective articles that involved several aspects and it took me more than an hour to publish a genuine article. Content Writing journey wasn't easy but it was only possible when I was determined to take the initial step and push myself a bit more in my initial days which led me to write genuine articles. 


Realizing that not only me but several out there might be facing the same situation as I did or maybe some other because of which many are not able to achieve their goals.

The other reason I started this blog is because I'm passionate about writing and slowly developed an interest in blogging. So basically, there are not one but several reasons for starting this blog.

Not only focusing on problems but many of us want to do something extra rather than studying or let's say having a source of passive income to carry out our expenses expenses, that's the reason I decided to start this blog to help others out so that they won't face the same situation as I did and giving them valuable insights to make the best use of their talent. 

In this blog, I will focus on guiding the readers and help them in overcoming their problems and tricks and tips of doing it. 

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Thanks for your precious time and giving a read to my story.